How your face type can influence your wedding hairstyle?

 Consider Your Facial Shape

Many women have their hearts set on a certain wedding hairstyle that may not actually be flattering for them. For example, women with full or round faces may not look their best in a sleek, tight chignon (this is a circular bun gathered at the back of the head or the nape of the neck). Conversely, long, wild curls that seem to overpower their delicate features may not flatter women with very thin faces. Learning to work with your natural facial shape is the perfect way to narrow down your choices and flatter fashionable wedding dresses.


Round Face

Eternally youthful, the round-faced women is flattered by long layers, parted in the middle…or in a deep side part. A little volume on top, at the crown, can visually add height and length to the face. If you’re planning to wear a filmy wedding veil with your bridal dress, be sure to practice a few hairstyles with a hairdresser or friend – use the veil for each one.

Then, take some digital photos to see how you really appear to other people. In general, the fuller your face is, the more you will benefit from extra length. If your heart is set on wearing your hair up, simply allow some long, layered tendrils to drift down past your cheekbones.

Flower barrettes or sparkly rhinestone accessories could be lovely with your face shape – your facial structure is quite feminine. If you’re skipping the veil, consider a single clip or wedding flowers to add charm to a long blowout. Matching a pretty rhinestone clip to your bridal rings can be a cute way to get a coordinated effect.


Square Face 

Your strong features will look gorgeous when you incorporate lots of volume into your wedding hairstyle. This type of face looks lovely with an up-do – your features are distinct enough to stand alone. Consider a sleek style with a little more looseness up at the top – modern and stylish, this type of wedding hairstyle is smooth near the head, and messier and more deconstructed where the hair is gathered.

You could also add curled sections or braids to the back of the bun for more style. A decorative headband that is placed about an inch above your hairlines can be a stunning look – opt for a satin design or a jeweled band. Go for hourglass-shaped bridal dresses to accent this hairstyle.

Oval Face

Your classic oval face leaves you all sorts of options for the perfect hairstyle to go with your white wedding dress. Since you have so many options, you should look for other clues to find the right up-do or blowout for you.

If you’re small and slender, you may look best in a short cut that doesn’t overpower your features.

If your build is larger, consider a layered, chin-length cut, perhaps with wispy bangs to add visual impact. You’ll look lovely if you pull half of your hair up at the crown, and then fasten your veil into place. Your bangs will soften your features (since they aren’t pinned back) and the long bottom section of your hair will still hang free, which is very feminine. This classic bridal look will be a great option for anyone with an oval face. If you don’t have bangs, simply gather all of your hair up at the crown, letting the bottom sections hang free.

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