What to wear as a wedding guest?

When choosing dresses to wear to a wedding as a guest a number of factors should be carefully considered before you make your selection.

(1)    Never try to outshine the bride, this is a total NO, NO and if you try to achieve this you will feel very guilty afterwards and you will not have just ruined your day, but most importantly you will make the bride very unhappy, this is her day and please allow her the luxury of outshining all of the guests on that day.

(2)    Try and research what colour the bridesmaids are wearing and if possible try to not wear the same colours as them, it would be better if you did not choose the same colour as mother of the bride dresses, or the mother of the groom dresses. 

(3)    Take note of the time and location of the wedding as these factors will influence very undoubtedly the clothes that would be suitable for you to wear.

(4)    If you are going to a very formal evening wedding, black tie event, research and look for suitable  dresses for evening weddings: long formal gown, cocktail dresses.


(5)    Some good options that you could choose for dresses to wear to a wedding as a guest, would be a chic cocktail dress with jacket, one that is not too tight or exposing too much skin, or ones overly adorned with sequins,  if you want to be daring choose another function other than a wedding to experiment.

(6)    If you want to wear a dress for example a halter neck, or an off the shoulder creation, or a strapless dress, it would be wise to have a small jacket or shawl to match your dress,  that can be worn for the ceremony.

 (7)    Generally when selecting dresses to wear to a wedding as a guest, it is not appropriate to wear a black dress or a sequined dress to a wedding during the daytime, this would be ok for a very formal evening wedding.

(8)    Most of all when wedding guests are choosing suitable attire to wear to a wedding, they should choose something that is in keeping with their personality and is sophisticated and comfortable, there is no point in looking a million dollars if all day your are uncomfortable, and self conscious about your dress, you have to feel one hundred per cent happy with your choice of outfit.

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